About Us


We are a Northern California fencing school which has taught over 4000 students since 1999!

We teach a traditional French form of swordsmanship meant for 17th and 18th century transitional rapiers and small-swords as well as the use of offhand weapons including buckler, dagger, cloak, cane, and brace.

At present, we offer classes in Auburn, Nevada City and Marysville, and give fencing demonstrations at a variety of schools, organizations and community events!

What are you waiting for? Drop by one of our classes to check us out! No experience or equipment is necessary for your first lesson!

Class Times

Monday 7-9 PM

Nevada City Veteran's Building
415 N Pine St, Nevada City, CA

Tuesday 7-9 PM

Allyn Scott Community Center
1830 B St., Marysville, CA

Wednesday 7-9 PM

ARD Canyon View Center,
471 Maidu Dr., Auburn, CA


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